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ENFP - The Bard

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Disclaimer: The stat system is loosely based on DND But is NOT 1:1. Some stats do not match with their typical class in DND as definitions are different. Check the original stat post to learn the system for this fantasy model. Enjoy!



Lead Stat – Extroverted Intuition – Cunning

Secondary Stat – Introverted Feeling – Wisdom

Tertiary/Hidden Stat – Extroverted Thinking – Strength

Struggle/Weak Stat – Introverted Sensing – Constitution

Artist credit - Bechkit

“I don’t know Jes, the crowd looks pretty stale here, I don’t think you’ll be making much” The young-looking girl smiles devilishly towards her friend, “Listen boyo, any crowd can be livened up as long as you have the right…touch” she says finishing the sentence with a wink. She steps from behind the wall onto the small stage of the tavern, lute in hand, and gives a twirl that leads into an over-pronounced bow. “What a lovely looking bunch of people we have here tonight! A shame things are so quiet and dreary though! I think it’s about time we bring some” – the same devilish grin crosses her face again – “Fun…to this evening.” With a swift motion she begins to play her favorite song. The depth of her feelings rings true to her words and magic emanates from the lute with each pluck of the strings. She jumps from the stage and dances around the room, the song never stopping, the energy always growing. Within minutes people are waving their drinks in the air, some stand to dance, laughs can be heard all around. What was moments ago a dry and lifeless tavern is now full of spirit and energy. The song comes to a close and with a final graceful movement and note on the lute she is back on the center of the stage as the crowd roars in excitement. They toss gold coins in admiration, cheers from all around. The girl walks offstage with gold in her pouch and sees her friend standing there, mouth agape.

“There is energy in every situation, laughter to laugh, fun to have, memories to create. If you can’t find that energy…well then…you just have to make it!”

Bards are the spiritual “life of the party” much like their ESFP cousin who is very similar but in a more so realistic sense. ENFPs lead with cunning which is the stat that refers to how well an individual can quickly grasp and understand their surroundings and – more importantly – how to manipulate them in a way that leads to whatever outcome they want. The Bards cunning is fueled by their Fi wisdom which gives them a preference for attempting to gauge the emotional situation in relation to how it makes them feel or how they feel it should be. This NeFi combo leads bards to be quite good at understanding people’s emotions, desires, and intentions in a way that is separate from Fe types in that the ENFP is less interested in finding a common ground or creating emotional stability and they are more so concerned with keeping things authentic and interesting. “Interesting” is often a key word with ENFPs/Bards; they hate when things get stale or repetitive and they are often the first to stand up and get things going if they perceive a situation to be boring. This is due to their intuitive cunning allowing them to quickly grasp new situations and information with relative ease. On the other side, they might get easily frustrated with others who can’t keep up with them or see what they see. This also relates to their struggle stat Si/Constitution in that bards struggle with stability and patience at times. They want to be doing new things, experiencing new places/ideas, and living an exciting life which can’t be done when you are forced to hold steady and true to a specific idea, place, or belief. Due to this, bards can often be “flighty” and hard to keep in one place or control. They would often do well to remember that the rest of the world does not move as fast as they do and sometimes they may need to be patient with others if they want to achieve success. The hidden stat of bards is Te/strength and this is something that bards have to work on if they want to be able to influence other people outside of the usual temporary intuitive manner. While bards may be good at “convincing” other people through their emotions by plucking at strings (whether of their own instrument or the other persons feelings), they often struggle to convince people in the realm of logic or “facts” unless they put real effort into this stat. Due to this struggle, they may find it difficult to stand up for their own ideas or assert their “strength” as opposed to their usual carefree and perceptive nature.


Bardic Inspiration – The Bards signature ability. Their very presence and energy magickly inspires those around them. Whether it be by song, joke, dance, or attitude the bard heightens the mood of allies nearby increasing their primary attribute.

Vicious Mockery – Bards are excellent at getting under their opponent’s skin and often know just the right words to say to get a reaction. Not only are they skilled in such wordplay but they know how to infuse their insults with magic and by doing so they are able to apply magic damage by sending their energy through the air with their words.

Jack of all Trades – Bards are excellent at picking up and learning new skills with ease. Due to this, they often find themselves quite proficient in many different skills. When using a skill that isn’t one they have chosen to be proficient in, they can add half their proficiency bonus to that skill as well.

Wild Card – Bards are able to learn skills from many different areas of life and because of this no two bards are often exactly the same. Bards can choose to learn ONE spell/skill from any other class that shares a similar stat with them (NFP/SFP/NTJ/STJ/SFJ/NTP). They can not learn a skill from (NFJ/STP).

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Fun fact: the song she played was a sonata of baby got back, we were moved to tears

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