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ESFJ - The Paladin

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Lead Stat – Extroverted Feeling – Charisma

Secondary Stat – Introverted Sensing – Constitution

Tertiary/Hidden Stat – Extroverted Intuition – Cunning

Struggle/Weak Stat – Introverted Thinking – Intelligence

“I can’t do this, I can’t do this” the young warrior said shakily, on his knees, eyes wide in terror. *BANG* the sound of something heavy slams onto the cities final gate but it does not break. All around soldiers in simple metal armor stand nervously looking onwards to the gate, behind them citizens can be seen peeking from their houses uncertainly. Another *BANG* upon the gate and with it most of the soldiers take nervous steps backwards.

A booming voice echoes out from atop the staircase to the castle

“Stand tall for while night looms over us the light shall never abandon us”

Looking up all the soldiers and citizens see her, head paladin Fiona standing stalwart and confident. At her side clad in shining golden armor are a small handful of paladins. She begins to walk down the staircase towards the regular soldiers. *BANG* one of the chains holding the gate breaks and its fortitude visibly lessens. “Such foul creatures threaten our way of life. Our peace. Our joy. Our purpose. We will NOT falter in the face of those which seek to take everything we have cultivated in life. Everything WE have built together, WE have sweat and bled for, WE have lived and died for. Our community, our families, our friends.” She gets to the bottom and the crowd of soldiers parts in the center as she and her paladins approach the front gate. She arrives to the front and kneels down infront of the terrified young warrior who is still lost in fear, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Look to me.” The young boy looks up to Fiona and his eyes widen. In her eyes is complete determination – there is no fear. She whispers to him “Look back to your family, your people. Let us not think of ourselves but instead think of what these creatures would do to them.” She moves her hand from his shoulder and places it on his heart, her hand begins to glow a bright golden white. “We MUST stand strong. For them.” A flash of light surrounds the young boy as he feels energy course through him. The situation clicks in his mind, he shakes his head and stands tall facing the gate. He unsheathes his weapon. Fiona stands as well as she speaks a bit louder “We MUST unite together.” Her voice rises to the booming echo once more “We MUST fight” She unsheathes her large blade and holds it to the sky, her paladins following suit. The same golden white light surrounds the entire group of soldiers and they begin to straighten their stances as determined looks cross their face. *BANG* The gate comes down and on the other side devilish creatures with twisted horns and jagged teeth surrounded in black auras stand. The largest one screeches. The citizens of the town cower and cover their ears…but the soldiers look unfaltered.

“The light is with us and we will not fall! Stand tall and stand together and nothing can destroy us!”


Paladins are often social and emotional leaders and healers. Their lead stat charisma (Fe) allows them to easily navigate social spheres and situations confidently. In some cases they end up in helping or caretaking positions but they also have a great capacity for leadership should they choose that route. Their charisma is often rooted in the values associated with their constitution (Si) which gives them great determination and interest in the few select interests or purposes they dedicate themselves too. A paladin will not falter in the face of adversity if such threats would harm their family, friends, or loved ones. More often than not the paladin is the type of person who will go out of their way to help someone in need or who is troubled, even at the expense of their own energy. This can be seen in one of the paladin’s key skills “lay on hands” which allows them to support another with their healing magic by placing a hand on them and giving them strength from their own pool of energy. The hidden stat of paladins is cunning (Ne) which if developed can allow them to come up with creative and innovative solutions to problems that arise in the social sphere. An issue that paladins often face though is a reluctance towards change. Their greatest strength, their resolution and determination towards a cause, is also a great weakness because they can sometimes find themselves hyper dedicated to a cause without placing much thought into why they follow such a cause. This is where the struggle stat of intelligence (Ti) comes in. It is not that paladins aren’t smart; it is that they are less likely to spend time going over the the logic of why things should be done and instead will likely just refer back to the tried and true way (unless cunning becomes developed). At the paladins worst this can sometimes lead to the “fallen paladin” or a paladin who has lost their purpose due to seeing an error in their way or belief that causes them to abandon what was once their true shining light. A paladin who falls can still learn to see the light though, they may just find it from a different place in life.

The paladin is definitely the type of person you want to have on your team and not against you. There are few classes and people out there more dedicated to their purpose in life, few who will dedicate extreme time and energy preserving what is important and valuable to them, few who will go out of their way to ensure that everyone gets the best outcome possible. Whether they choose to dedicate their lives to a smaller social sphere like a family or a larger one like a community, the paladin will stand as a shining beacon that uplifts all who surround them.


Lay on Hands – A signature Paladin ability. They place their hand upon an ally, healing and inspiring them.

Aura of Courage – The paladin resonates courage and dedication. All allies in range are inspired and gain increased attack and defense.

Divine Smite – The paladin channels their inner strength into a mighty magical strike. The more the paladin believes in their purpose, the stronger this strike is.

Divine Sense/Detect Evil – Paladins have an acute awareness of anything that would seek to harm what is important to them. Paladins have advantage on any check that would help them discover malintent (a creature hiding in the dark, a criminal lying, etc.).

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Gaby Perky
Gaby Perky
Jan 30, 2022

I absolutely love these posts! Will you be doing more on the different types?

Gaby Perky
Gaby Perky
Feb 01, 2022
Replying to

I understand how that goes all too well. Well, if you decide to work on these again, you have one reader! The amount of detail you put into these is really amazing. I could almost see this being a little pocketbook of D&D classes/MBTI types. :)


James Goner
James Goner
May 03, 2021

What the fvck

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