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Life Coaching

Achieving Personal Goals with Practical Psychology

I offer life coaching that uses personality models and theories alongside a wide array of general psychological concepts. My life coaching is not mental health therapy or a substitute for such and is instead meant for people who want to overcome practical problems or achieve realistic goals such as: dealing with relationship struggles, developing communication skills, building self confidence, weight loss, starting a business, and many others. To date I have worked with more than 200 clients!

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My Coaching Strategy

So what is my strategy for life coaching? My personal method is personality focused. I use various personality models and other general concepts from psychology to give you a frame of understanding; essentially, a lens that allows you to view yourself in a realistic way so that you can make changes based on what you learn.


We will work together to uncover four primary aspects of your personality:

  1. How you process information 

  2. What your core desires are

  3. What direction you would like to be going and how naturally that meshes with your personality

  4. What traits do you have that may be hindering or helping you along the way

If you are in a long term coaching package with me or purchase multiple sessions we will set goals and communicate weekly on how those goals can be reached and how your specific and individual personality interacts with your goals. You will have unlimited email communication with me throughout the coaching contract so you can ask as many questions as you like.

The great thing about personality and life coaching is that it applies to all areas of life: Home, school, romance, friendships, work, and many others are directly impacted by your personality. By knowing who you are, what you want, and how to get there without fighting against yourself you can achieve your goals in a much faster timeframe than just wandering around aimlessly.


Here are a few examples of direct outcomes I have helped clients achieve:

  • Marriage/relationship repair through understanding each other’s needs and desires.

  • Starting a business and building an efficient work team.

  • Finding someone’s “path” in life – giving direction to the aimless (whether it be for school, work or personal desires).

  • Interpersonal communication skill development (better communication with others).

  • Making friends and building self-confidence.

  • Weight Loss.


And many more.

What are my Coaching Packages?


My signature coaching strategy “A New Start" is 30 days long and is one-on-one coaching. It includes 4 full coaching sessions, unlimited email support, as well as a final one hour check in/support session within 2 months of our last meeting (5 sessions total). This is the coaching plan that I recommend to anyone who is serious about discovering themselves or making a major change in their life.

Interested in one-on-one coaching but not quite ready for a 30-day commitment? I offer the “Self-Discovery” package which includes an initial personality assessment as well as one coaching session to give you an idea of what coaching with me would be like. I also offer a single personality assessment without coaching for those who just want a brief look into themselves as well as a single coaching session.

For relationship coaching the needs of individuals, relationships, and their problems can vary drastically so I have people reach out to me so we can work together to create a coaching package that helps them in the most efficient manner. Some packages can be as short as a few weeks and some can be as long as half a year.

The same applies for work or team coaching. If you are interested in having your small company or work team work better together, then I have good news because I have worked with many small teams before to help with both communication and productivity. Teams that communicate better not only enjoy their workplace more and have better relationships with team members but also one study showed that 86% of corporate executives cite ineffective communication and poor collaboration as reasons for failure. Having a team that understands each other and each members needs can skyrocket their potential. Note: A team member MUST agree to being assessed. In NO circumstances will I perform an assessment or coaching session with a team member who does not assent.

A New Start - 30 days

Self Discovery Package and Individual Assessments/Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Work Team Coaching and Group Coaching

Who is Life Coaching For?

Ethical coaching is extremely important to me so I try to be as upfront as possible with what I can and cannot do with or for clients.

Life coaching is unique in that it is for almost anyone who doesn’t feel like they have a strong direction in their life or feel as if they have hit a wall and are not sure how to get past it.

Personality coaching is NOT mental health therapy or a substitute for such. While I have worked with people who have pre-diagnosed disorders, I am not a licensed therapist and can not help you with mental health struggles directly related to a diagnosed disorder.

Life coaching IS for people who want to learn more about their unique gifts, struggle areas, needs, desires in life, and how to understand and interact with them.

Ideally, clients should be over the age of 18 but I have done personality assessments with teenagers as long as there is parental consent AND child assent.


Below is a slideshow of a few of the dozens of positive testimonials I have received over the past 5 years working as a coach

Your Investment in Yourself

Some of my services can be directly booked/scheduled via my scheduling service. These services are:

Single Personality Assessment Session - $100

Single Coaching Session - $125

Self-Discovery Package - $200

A New Start - $450

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