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Chris at a Glance

Welcome! My name is Chris and I am a graduate student of psychology involved in academic research as well as a part time life coach to help fund my academic goals. I have a B.S. in Psychology and have put a lot of hard work into educating myself on the human psyche.

My academic goal is to one day earn a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and to be involved in academic research involving personality psychopathology.

My work goal as a life coach is to help you discover more about yourself and then to help you use that information in a meaningful way.

You can learn more about my life journey below as well as see what services I offer by clicking the "book a session" button or checking out my coaching page.

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My Story

I got started working with general life coaching in 2017 en route to my B.S. in Psychology. I earned my degree in 2019 graduating with straight As and have now worked with more than 200 people in coaching while I pursue research experiences, co-author papers, and publish/present academic posters.

Things weren’t always like this though and I used to be an entirely different person until I discovered more about myself. When I graduated high school in 2013, I was a nearly straight D student, 300 pounds, and had been single my entire life. I went to college for 2 years and ended up dropping out which then led to me working in retail. I had no direction, no goals, no interests, and I spent most of my days at home playing video games and getting by on minimum wage. Around late 2014 I started studying and learning about personality theory through different tests, websites, and books and this was my introduction to psychology. What I learned in the following months was that I really didn’t know who I was or why I was doing things. I was like a sailor on a small boat at sea floating in random directions hoping I would land on an island with treasure hidden on it. Sure, that may happen to some people but what learning personality theory taught me was that with even a basic understanding of yourself you can change your life entirely.


I wanted to see how true that statement could be so in 2015 I decided to give up my ego and try to become the best version of myself I could be by learning more about myself and implementing that knowledge. I learned about my personality through various theoretical models which led to me discovering some of my weaknesses and my strengths. In learning about these and more I was able to bring them to awareness and develop plans to combat them; and I did exactly that. In 2016 I lost more than 80 pounds and over the course of 2 years I lost 130 total. I decided to work on my communication style to try and be more empathetic and approachable which made making friends as well as professional communication much easier. 2017 was a very big year for me as well; I started dating the women who is now my wife whom I have been married to for almost 5 years. I also decided I wanted to formalize my psychology education so I went back to college and over the course of two and a half years I completed an entire bachelor’s degree of science in psychology with straight As. I also started uploading to my psychology focused YouTube channel which today has more than 2.5 million views and 20+ thousand subscribers.

Now, I work as a volunteer researcher as well as a life coach while I build experience so that one day I can earn a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.


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