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ENFPs are a very interesting personality type in my opinion. My older sister is one so I experienced having an ENFP around for a lot of my life. They are creative, energetic, playful, and quick as can be mentally. That said, just like every other type, they can fall into some struggle areas in their life if they don't manage their perceptions and judgements carefully. My video "Three Tips to be a Healthier ENFP" gives my three quick pieces of advice for ENFPs and how they can better balance their life.

Here is a quick overview of the three tips.

Tip 1: Learn when to slow it down and reel it in.

As a type with dominant extroverted intuition it is very easy for ENFPs to rapidly switch between ideas and topics. Ne is arguably the quickest of the cognitive functions and it is very common for ENFPs to be energetic and playful because of how quickly they can meaningfully interact with their immediate environment. It is important for ENFPs to realize though that not every other type is going to be able to keep up. This isn't because other types are slow or even dumb. It is because many other types like to stop and process new information, like the ISTJ who is going to want to analyze every detail and make sure it lines up correctly with what they are perceiving. ENFPs can gain a lot of ground when communicating with other types if they can realize the importance of giving their talking partner time to process what it is the ENFP is saying or thinking. More often than not the other types will have meaningful inputs towards ENFPs ideas as well, they just prefer to approach the idea from a different perspective and analyze it in a different way - one that may take a little longer but can produce great results.

Tip 2: Recognize the anchoring properties of Introverted Sensing.

I often call repressed introverted sensing the anchor to extroverted intuitive dominant types. Ne types hate getting bogged down by details, numbers, data, and the specifics of things in general. They want to view things in a more generalized sense and thus when Si details stop a potential Ne idea from coming to fruition, it can be very stressful and annoying for ENFPs. On the other end of this though the ENFP can "place" their anchor within new ideas or things that interest them without putting a lot of thought into the actual details of what it is they are imagining. It is not uncommon for ENFPs to occasionally get stuck on a new idea they have had and place full faith in it - this is typically most noticeable within ENFPs love life due to their auxiliary introverted feeling. ENFPs might get into a brand new relationship and place their Si anchor down. This generally results in the ENFP treating this relationship as the best thing that has ever happened to them, the only relationship that has ever mattered and the only one that ever will. What ENFPs might often fail to realize though is that they said this about the last relationship, the one before that, and the one before that. This is due to the fact that previous Si experience is not being accounted for, the ENFP doesn't often internally process the details of how things in the past actually played out. Now of course this won't apply to every ENFP and in general it applies more so to overall ideas than to just relationships. An ENFP could just as easily become attached to a new job in the same way only to quit two months later and become attached to another job soon there after.

Tip 3: Try to find balance between being spontaneous and having a long term plan.

As an Ne dominant type is can be very difficult for the ENFP to actually sit down and plan out how they want to go about doing something. They often take a "It'll work out" approach to life and prefer to just tackle new problems as they arise. It can be very beneficial for ENFPs to occasionally tap into their tertiary extroverted thinking to just pause life for a moment and take a minute to think about the details and the specifics of what they want. Thomas Edison once said - “Vision without execution… is just hallucination.”

This is true. The ENFP could have many world changing ideas but if they don't learn how to actually bring these ideas into life then there can be no real change. Living in the moment is a great skill, especially in the uniquely creative ways that Ne types do it compared to Se types. That said though, if they can't find balance between being creative in the moment and allowing their creativity to unfold over time into something grand, then they are likely to struggle with ever realizing their dreams.

Hope you enjoyed these tips!


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