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ENTJ - The Death Knight


Death Knight

Lead Stat - Extroverted Thinking – Strength

Secondary Stat – Introverted Intuition – Mana

Tertiary/Hidden Stat – Extroverted Sensing – Agility

Struggle/Weak Stat – Introverted Feeling - Wisdom

The commander stands tall above the desolated battlefield, donning heavy impenetrable armor and a glare that would strike down the weak. “Sir, the battle is over, they have surrendered.” The hulking man smirks, “Of course it is. They stood no chance. Send the lieutenant into the town and offer them one choice – their servitude, or their life.”

Death Knights are unwavering commanders – determined, focused, visionary, and hardheaded at times. Loss, defeat, and compromise are nearly foreign to those of this archetype. They are willing to give way to others on occasion, but this is generally only the case if it serves a purpose for them or their plans. Every action they take is intentional and directed towards a specific vision or goal that they have. Leading with strength as their primary stat makes them the type that can be “brutish” at times, bulldozing over those with less confidence or skill than themselves. To death knights, competency is key. Prove your worth, prove your skill, or get out of their way. Success is what matters, and anything less is often considered a complete failure in their eyes. Despite having strength as their primary stat, they have an innate mana within them as their secondary stat which can cause them to have moments where their personality shifts drastically to a calmer and more reserved mindset. Unlike their barbarian cousin (the ESTJ) who have constitution as their secondary stat, the death knight will occasionally find themselves enthralled with the mystic thoughts and visions that arise from their magic blood. It is often these visions that point them in the direction of their goals and gives them insight into what steps to take to achieve them. That said, strength is still king, and the death knight will never allow these visions to cause them to stray from their personal goals of success, mastery, and competency. Their hidden stat is agility, and it is something that not every death knight will have easy access to. Why be adaptable when you can control the battlefield and the fight? Death knights who unlock and train this stat can often accomplish great things if they allow the occasional flexibility into their strength focused mindset. Despite what death knights might think, others often do have valuable input into situations and learning to take in realistic information from others without making an immediate decision can be a great value. The weak stat/area of the death knight is their wisdom. Success, victory, and competency can sometimes come at the expense of the human element or even general values. The more driven they become towards their goals, the more they are willing to throw away morals and values. The real reason this is a weakness is because people will not follow a leader truly unless they exude an aura of true leadership – which includes values. Some people respect competency, but many people would choose to respect a good person who aligns with their personal values over a competent leader. If death knights want to reach their maximum potential, they must learn who they are, what they represent, and what that means in relation to those they wish to lead.


Raise Dead – The death knight calls upon their innate magic and commands the dead to do their bidding. Those a death knight has defeated in combat can easily become their next ally, whether they were planning to or not. While this skill has great potential, it may frighten followers who are not ok with darker magics.

Terrifying Presence – Those within range of the death knight can feel their dark and determined aura. Enemies within range who have a lower strength or mana stat have their offense lowered.

Anti-Magic Zone – The Death knight can place down a field where all but the strongest of magics can not pass through. While in this zone, they also can not cast magics, but their strength is in full force.

Chains of Command – The death knight summons chains that can capture and subdue a target of low strength.

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